RealRank is Launched, PPP Should Remove Page Rank Ranking in Thier System

Since has implemented the geographical segmentation which provide advertisers the choice to pick bloggers according to the continent, country and even the states in the past few months, I believe Asian bloggers might be get noticed the opps are appeared in PPP marketplace are getting lesser last time. Especially when Google goes after everyday blogger and RealRank is launched, these opps are getting more and more lesser compare with last time after the implementation of PPP segmentation.

If you refer to the following screenshoot, it is so pity to see that only 1 opp is available in my friend’ marketplace.

According to the above screenshoot, you might ask yourself why Asian bloggers only have less opps in the PPP marketplace, this definitely has been caused Asia blogger made complaints pertaining to this issue.

1. PPP advertisers still using Page Rank to create their opps although RealRank is launched may be they even don’t know how RealRank can benefit them after the Google goes after everyday blogger. Many bloggers who participated in PPP have received a “big present” from Google, that’s PR “egg” or “zero”, but many advertisers are still looking for PR blogs.

2. PPP geographical segmentation is launched in the past few month, most probably because of the purpose to filter all the posties from non USA and Canada.

So advertisers say “sayonara” to Asia bloggers, you can just forget about PPP from now on. One more thing, may be Google will also can say “sayonara” to PPP because PPP can’t fight with Google.

So PPP, they gonna to remove their Page Rank from their system and this only can prove that PPP is independent of Page Rank since they said they have their own ranking tool called RealRank.

5 Responses to “RealRank is Launched, PPP Should Remove Page Rank Ranking in Thier System”

  1. Frank C says:

    The bottom line is that most companies want ‘reviews’ simply to gain PageRank, not for the buzz promotional value.

    On another paid review broker site it is quite common to see offers stating that the reviewee doesn’t want it to be disclosed that the review is a paid review and the reviewer must be PR3 or PR4 or higher. Of course, this non-disclosure violates US and EU law but it probably doesn’t affect bloggers in Asian countries.

  2. Eric says:

    @Frank C

    May be this is the reason why PPP still not consider to remove the page rank from their system. I just wondering that since they already launched their RealRank, what for they still using Page Rank .

    May be they don’t know because we didn’t show our blog stats. For example, more than 50% of my blogs’ readers are from USA, if advertisers want buzz for USA market, I as Asian blogger also have; if they want PR, some of my blogs also have. So??? You can see about 90% the opps in the marketplace are for USA and Canada posties, this is really unfair to Asian bloggers.

    I believe that if they straight away remove the page rank, their advertisers will run aways, then PPP can announce site close.

  3. Vincent Liew says:

    But PPP is now Google’s enemy. Google will now lower the pagerank of blogs who earn money with PPP.

    I think your blog is affected as well. You use to have a page rank of 5 if I’m not mistaken?

  4. Eric says:


    Yes, my other blogs have been affected on the page rank. Hmm.. I don’t have PR5 blog.

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