FaceBook Chat Emotion Helper Lets You Always Smileys in Chat

Facebook chat is great, but the biggest drawback of Facebook chat is the lack of list of emotions, and we have to guess the emotion code that we want to use. In order to overcome this problem, there is a wonderful application named Facebook Emotion Helper that you need to install and it can helps you put the list of Facebook emotions on your profile page so that you can easily smileys with your chatting friends. Does it look great? Yes, I think so!

So How to Install in Your Facebook?
1. Install MyStuff Facebook application.
2. Go to Application Page.
3. Paste the code below into the box under the Add code.

<b><a href=”http://www.facebookemoticons.com/”>Facebook Emoticons</a></b><br><br><a href=”http://www.facebookemoticons.com/helper”><img src=”http://www.facebookemoticons.com/e/fe2.gif” alt=”Click to add this to your profile” title=”Click to add this to your profile” /></a>

4. Last, click the Add to profile button to show Facebook Chat Emoticon Helper on your profile page.

2 Responses to “FaceBook Chat Emotion Helper Lets You Always Smileys in Chat”

  1. Heidi McNeil says:

    What a interesting post my friend. I am a facebook addict and mostly spend my time playing some games and just chatting out with my colleages. Surely, there are so many ways we can use facebook and I really love using it. I hope they have something more new to come for all of us.

  2. katrinajoyce says:

    ang ganda ganda super

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