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How to Merge Your Windows Live Messenger Contacts with Your Skype Account

Microsoft has already announced that they will kill Windows Live Messenger in all countries worldwide in first quarter 2013, but China will remain the only country to keep the application, the company has now confirmed that it would retire the service on 15 March 2013. Existing Windows Live Messenger users are encourage to migrate their current WLM account to Skype, so the WLM contacts and Skype contact’s will be merged .

Since I start using Facebook, many of my friends slowly quit from Windows Live Messenger, and even I also seldom login to Windows Live Messenger anymore. Everybody is using Facebook chat, I believe that this is one of the reason of retiring of Windows Live Messenger.

So how to merge Windows Live Messenger account with Skype account? Please refer to the following steps, it is easy!

  1. Download and install the latest version of Skype.
  2. Launch your Skype. Logout your existing Skype account if you are still login.
  3. Sign in using your Microsoft account (Messenger, Hotmail, or
  4. Sign in your existing Skype account by clicking “I have a Skype account”. It will merge your Windows Live Messenger contacts with your existing Skype account now.
  5. Done! You can start chat with your friends – all in one application.

How to Solve 403 Forbidden Error

Last few weeks, I found a 403 Forbidden error when I was trying to enter to my WordPress blog, this made me so worry and headache because I didn’t do any update on my blog, then I suddenly saw this error as below and my blog totally can’t displayed properly.

You don’t have permission to access /index.php on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

After that I have tried to search some related info from the net to find the solution how to 403 Forbidden Error, they asked:-
– to check any change of the permissions to access that directory.
– to take a look at the .htaccess file in that directory.

Unfortunately the above solutions do not work for me, then I started to think how to solve 403 Forbidden error by myself. This is what I have been done, see below:-

1. I reinstalled WordPress by overriding the existing file
2. Found that /index.php cannot be override, then I checked the File Permissions for index.php and found that the file attributes have been changed, I confirmed that this is the problem caused 403 Forbidden error.
3. I have tried to change the file attribute to 644, unfortunately I can’t changed it directly.
4. I have no choice but to delete /index.php file from that directory and upload the NEW index.php to that directory again.
5. All right, finally my blog is displayed properly and the problem has been solve.

If you have facing this problem in future, perhaps you can try my methond to solve 403 Forbidden error, good luck to you!

How to Make Mozilla Firefox Faster [Hack]

Google Chrome has now eclipsed Mozilla Firefox in the speed category, but I still using my Mozilla Firefox as my default browser and it is still my favorite browser that I will use very often because Mozilla Firefox still better than Google Chrome and other browsers in certain areas. But do you know improve the speed of Mozilla Firefox is possible? You can follow the below steps to make Mozilla Firefox somewhat faster than Google Chrome and other browsers.

1. Type about:config into the Firefox URL/address bar and hit ENTER. (You will be warned that you might void your warranty if you change some advanced settings, just click the button “I’ll be careful and I Promise!” to go ahead)

2. Search the following Preference Name/entry and set their values to “true” by double-clicking each one of them.


3. Next, find this entry too and double-click and set the value to 8.


4. Right-click anywhere inside the config page and select New –> Integer. Name it nglayout.initialpaint.delay and set the value to “0″.

5. Right-click anywhere inside the config page and select New –> Integer. Name it content.notify.interval and set the value to “500000″.

6. Right-click anywhere inside the config page and select New –> Integer. Name it content.switch.threshold and set the value to “250000″.

7. Right-click anywhere inside the config page and select New –> Boolean. Name it content.notify.ontimer and set the value to “true″.

8. Right-click anywhere inside the config page and select New –> Boolean. Name it content.interrupt.parsing and set the value to “false″.

You should be able to notice the speed improvement immediately after applying the above tweaks. Remember, you should also disable the “firefox addon” that you don’t use often, this will help to improve the speed of Firefox loading during the startup.

Google Page Rank fix for SEOQuake Plugin

Normally I’m using Search Status Firefox plugin to check the page rank, alexa, and compete of websites, unfortunately the page rank info from Search Status doesn’t work in the pass few days, it showed page rank UNRANKED for all the websites. Initially I was thinking that there is something wrong on google page rank until I installed Google Page Rank Toolbar in Internet Explorer, then the page ranks are showed, that’s mean nothing goes wrong with the google page rank. So, Google page rank is working fine, it seems Google has moved the tool bar query URL recently.

After that I tried to search some info from search engine, there was a fix on some plugins to check page rank. For example, those people who are using SEOQuake to check google page rank, you can following the below steps to fix the problem.

1. Go to SEOQuake Preferences
2. Select PageRank then Edit
3. Paste THIS instead of what is already there!

[NAME]=Google pagerank

4. Clear Firefox cache and restart firefox, done!

Sadly to know that my favorite firefox plugin Search Status was unable to fix because I can’t find any solution to solve the problem. I believe that we have to wait until the next update of Search Status to fix the google page rank showing problem. Anyway, you still can use Google Page Rank toolbar to check the google page rank, please don’t worry!

How to Fix Internal Server Error 500 for WordPress

Last week, when I entered to all of my WordPress blogs which hosted in same web hosting account, I found that all of my blogs have encountered Internal Server Error 500. I felt panic and don’t have any idea how to solve the problem, then I tried to search some info from Google to see whether I can get help or not.

There are several solutions that other bloggers have provided and guild us how to solve the problem of Internal Server Error, unfortunately none of them can really help me. Most of the posts saying that most probably is due to the corrupted of .htaccess file. They asked to backup the current .htaccess and then create and blank .htaccess file and upload again. Hmmm.. this method can’t work for me!

I guessed there must be something happen on my hosting, if not why all of my blogs having the same error since I didn’t change wordpress themes, upload new plugins, update posts and etc. When the time I login to my cPanel page, I get shocked to see the Cpanel CPU and Memory Usage is full. Yes, this is the problem caused all my blogs cannot be displayed due to the memory allocation to the files. 

After that, I tried to contact my hosting technical support, they replied that it may be is due to huge of plugins used on my blogs, and asked me to take down those unusable plugins. What the hell?! I don’t have many plugins on my blogs, all the while my blogs are working fine for many years, of course I can’t accept this reason. Beside that, my technical support also suggest me go to change VPN server to support all my current blogs. I really want to fuck him because I only have few blogs without using high bandwidth, why I need VPN server? Really stupid technical support!!!

I know Internal Sever Error is most likely caused by low memory limit on my server this time, but I have nothing to do how to lower down the memory usage, then I just wait until second day. When the time I wake up from my bed, all my blogs were working fine, the cPanel CPU and memory usage is back to normal. Thanks god!

Anyway, if you found Internal Server Error 500 on your WordPress blog, I advise you to check the CPU and memory usage on your cPanel account first, if the CPU and memory usage is working fine, the most probably you can try to check your .htaccess file or plugins usage on your blog.

How to Fix Error 421 Too Many Connections (8) From This IP

I just changed web hosting account recently but I still using the existing web hosting provider because this new web hosting will be hosted on an another domain name, so I need to upload all the necessary files to new web hosting again.

Normally I prefer using Filezilla to upload or download files, but sometimes I will found some error like 421 too many connections (8) from this ip. This may sometimes be accompanied with a “Delaying connection for 5 seconds due to previously failed connection attempt” error. So how to solve this type of problem? Do you ever see this error before?

When you see error 421 too many connections (8) from this ip, then you go to File > Site Manager. Select “Transfer Setting” tab, and then simply click on the checkmark box next to “Limit number of simultaneous connections” and you can keep “1″ in the box. (refer below image)

After you have limited the number of simultaneous connections to 1 but you still get the error 421 too many connections (8) from this ip, switch of your modem and on it back, and you may need to completely shut things down so the previous connections are killed.

Important: Don’t download thing when you upload or download files using Filezilla. and don’t surf net using browser too. Normally I seldom get the error 421 too many connections (8) from this ip.

How to Remove Ads from Windows Live Messenger 2011

Every time I installed Windows Live Messenger, I’m sure will remove the ads which will displaying at the bottom of Windows Live Messenger. This time, I gonna be remove the ads again after update my old version of Windows Live Messenger to Windows Live Messenger 2011. I was thinking that if there is no ads appearing in Windows Live Messenger in future version, I believe that many people will clap their hands, I think this is impossible will going to happen. Haha! Anyway, for those people want to remove the Windows Live Messenger 2011 ads, there are two ways that you can do that.

(1) Remove ads without touching your registry or install any other software
1. Exit Windows Live Messenger 2011.
2. Run Notepad (Run as Administrator if you are using Windows Vista or 7)
3. Browse to this location C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and select All files (*.*)
4. Open Hosts file and input the following

5. Save and close the notepad.

(2) Remove ads Using A-Patch
A-Patch was last updated on 16th November 2010 and has the following customization ability over Windows Live Messenger 2011:

  • Remove banner ad from contact list
  • Remove text ad from chat window
  • Remove nudge delay
  • Disable nudge shake
  • Remove search bar
  • Accept more than 3 files transfer at a time
  • Remove the top of contact list
  • Remove the “Connected to…” bar
  • Remove the “See More Offerings” items in the file menus
  • Remove “Featured” section from the Emoticons “more” dialog box.
  • Polygamy: open more than one messenger simultaneously

P/S: I propose you remove your ads using A-Patch. :)

How to Display Feedburner Subscribers in Plain Text

Feedburner came with feed count banner, but if you think this banner doesn’t match your website design or you want to display Feedburner subscribers in plain text, this is possible!

Copy and paste the following code into your template, for example sidebar.php, replace feedburner-id with your Feedbuner username. This script will grab you the feed count in numbers.

//get cool feedburner count

//Initialize the Curl session
$ch = curl_init();

//Set curl to return the data instead of printing it to the browser.
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);

//Set the URL
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $whaturl);

//Execute the fetch
$data = curl_exec($ch);

//Close the connection
$xml = new SimpleXMLElement($data);
$fb = $xml->feed->entry['circulation'];
//end get cool feedburner count

Now paste this anywhere you want and it’ll display a Feedburner subscriber count in text.

echo $fb;

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