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How to Activate Your Google Account Chooser

I like the new feature of Google to help users who have multiple Google Gmail accounts. this new feature called Google Account Chooser. With the help of Google Account Chooser, I can easily swap between my personal and professional gmail accounts now, it is significantly reduces the number of clicks required to switch accounts.

However, Google does not provide detailed step by step instruction for Google Account Chooser. Here I show you how to activate your Google Account Chooser.

How to Enable Google Account Chooser?

1. Sign out your Google account.
2. Activate the Google Account Chooser
3. Sign in your Google account.
4. Click “Remember this account” button to add your account into Google Account Chooser.

How to Add Account(s) into Google Account Chooser?

Just follow the below few steps to add your additional gmail account(s):-
1. Click on your profile picture at the upper right corner. Click “Add Account” button.
2. A new page will opened with the Google Account Chooser listing your existing Google account(s). Click “Add account” link at the bottom.
3. Add additional account using Gmail (or any email address, will create a Google account).
4. Sign in the Google account you want to add.
5. Click “Remember this account” to save the account in Account Chooser.
6. Done! Repeat the above steps to add your other Google accounts.

How to Change Your Google Gmail Account Name

Do yo know how to change Google email account name? I know this is very simple, but I’m shy to tell you all that I really spent few minutes just to find the option to change my Google gmail account, this is very funny and I laugh on myself.

I do not want to waste my time and start Googling how to change Google email account name. Omg! That was so simple to do it. Below is the step to show you how to change Google email account name:-

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right, then select Settings.
  2. Click the Accounts and Import tab.
  3. In the “Send mail as:” section, locate the email address you’d like to edit.
  4. Click edit info next to the address.
  5. In the “Name:” section, specify what you’d like your name to be and click Save changes.

That’s how easy you can change your Google gmail account just a few seconds! LOL

The Importance of SEO for Your Website

You have a beautiful and professional website, why would people be unable to find your website? Can potential customers really can locate your website easily? If you are facing this problem, then you have to do some research and understand about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is important to your website actually, because it can makes your web pages more relevant and attractive, as well as easily read by many search engines. If your website easily crawling and indexing in search engines, perhaps you might have lots of potential customers locate your current website easily.

For your information, there are lots of websites growing steady everyday, almost 250 millions of websites on the Internet nowadays, and your website is simply one of these. Therefore, if you want your website to be found, there is only thing that you can do is to optimize your website for search engines by using SEO.

SEO  is a technique to increase traffic and sell products or services. Although SEO is not the only solution to getting huge traffic from search engines, but it is the most effective ones.

Apart from generating more traffic to your website, SEO also helps you earn more money. For example, if your blog is using Google Adsense, and you have use SEO to drives more traffic to your website, which equals more clicks on ads which in return equals a higher profit for you.

So now you know the importance of SEO, but you didn’t using SEO for your website, perhaps you can go to find a search engine optimization firm to help you increase tons of traffic to your website.

Google Shows Your IP Address When You Ask “What Is My IP?”

Every device connected to the public Internet is assigned a unique number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Some people would like to check IP address for certain purpose, normally there will go to some websites that have provided IP address checking to check their IP address. But now, you can use Google to query [ what is my ip ] to get your computer’s public IP address.

What you do is go to google search textbox and type [ what is my ip ] and then your IP will be displayed like below image. I like the new query but I wish those information such as country, ISP, etc can be displayed as well after the query.

Google Page Rank fix for SEOQuake Plugin

Normally I’m using Search Status Firefox plugin to check the page rank, alexa, and compete of websites, unfortunately the page rank info from Search Status doesn’t work in the pass few days, it showed page rank UNRANKED for all the websites. Initially I was thinking that there is something wrong on google page rank until I installed Google Page Rank Toolbar in Internet Explorer, then the page ranks are showed, that’s mean nothing goes wrong with the google page rank. So, Google page rank is working fine, it seems Google has moved the tool bar query URL recently.

After that I tried to search some info from search engine, there was a fix on some plugins to check page rank. For example, those people who are using SEOQuake to check google page rank, you can following the below steps to fix the problem.

1. Go to SEOQuake Preferences
2. Select PageRank then Edit
3. Paste THIS instead of what is already there!

[NAME]=Google pagerank

4. Clear Firefox cache and restart firefox, done!

Sadly to know that my favorite firefox plugin Search Status was unable to fix because I can’t find any solution to solve the problem. I believe that we have to wait until the next update of Search Status to fix the google page rank showing problem. Anyway, you still can use Google Page Rank toolbar to check the google page rank, please don’t worry!

Why You Need eCommerce to Run Business Online

The Internet is the largest source of knowledge in the world, do you agree? I’m strongly agree, because anyone can get information on there. You need a website and a right web hosting company, then you can having a web site, whether it is for personal gain, or to aid your business success. Many people thought that having a website is an expensive venture, in fact this is not true at all, but if you find the right web hosting, you can save lots of costs.

If you are planning to do business online and planning to build a ecommerce website to promote and market their goods and services, then you need to find a expert ecommerce design company to help you build business online. This is because ecommerce has lots of benefits that you previously unimagined, ecommerce is the cheapest means of doing business and it allows you to carry out businesses without the barriers of time or distance. As we know that many people will using Internet to locate and price products, so having products online will also help to promote your business locally.

There are numerous benefits of ecommerce that I didn’t listed out here, you can see how good it is to having a ecommerce website. If you also want successfully optimized to deliver customers in a cost-effective manner, then you can use adwords management service and your adwords account will be managed by qualified professionals. Learn how to pay less per click and still rank high in google adwords, you can find free consultation and account evaluation through the Internet.

Anyway, for those people who are serious in running business online and want to have an ecommerce website, I can suggest you to look for interactive marketing agency dallas, they are Dallas SEO consultant offering comprehensive search engine optimization, search marketing, social media campaigns, and professional SEO web design. Let their qualified professionals to help you build your customers loyalty, reduce marketing and advertising costs, increase visibility through search engine marketing and many more.

How to Add Facebook Account into Google Plus

Google has launched a new product named Google Plus recent and it is became popular nowadays. Have you try Google Plus yet? Do you think it has the potential to cut into your use of Facebook? I personally think that Google Plus is not a “facebook killer”. What do you think?

Anyway, for those people who have both Google Plus and Facebook accounts, and you don’t want to waste your time manage both of these accounts in different places, then you can add your Facebook account into Google Plus by using Google Chrome Extension or IE/Firefox plugin.

Google Chrome User Download Link :, go to Extensions -> Social & Communication -> Facebook for Google+

IE or Firefox User Download Link :

How to Display Latest Google Plus Update on Your Blog

Google Plus is the newest project from Google and it is also the new invitation-only social media kid on the block that wants to knock Facebook off the mountain. If you are currently using Google Plus and want to add the latest Google Plus update on your blog, that’s possible, you can copy and paste the following on your WordPress files.

	$googleplus = fetch_feed(""); // Replace 103329092193061943712 by your own ID
	echo '<a href="Here_To_Put_Your_Google_Plus_ID';
	echo $googleplus->items[0]['link']; echo '">';
	echo $googleplus->items[0]['summary'];
	echo '';

P/S: Don’t forget to put your Google+ ID on line 3.

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